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Honest taxi driver rewarded for good deed

Taxi driver Atambeer Singh aka ‘Ruby Kalra’ has been showered with praise as he returned a lost bag containing important documents, $6,000 and an iPad.

Atambeer Singh has been a Black & White Cabs driver for nearly nine years.  He was the proud recipient of ‘Best Business Class Driver’ in 2014.

According to Black & White Cabs, on Thursday the 8th of June 2017, Singh noticed that the driver of a black Range Rover he was following had left a bag on top of his car.

“The driver and his wife had been smoking next to the car. When they had finished their cigarettes they both entered the car, forgetting they had placed the bag on the roof,” said Mr Singh.

Below listen to Atambeer Singh's full interview (in English) with SBS Punjabi.

Singh retrieved the lost bag as it slid off the roof on a busy intersection.

He also tried to follow the Range Rover but lost it amongst the busy city traffic.

As Singh arrived at Chermside to drop off his passenger he began the process of trying to track down the owner of the bag.

“The bag contained an Apple iPad, a folder filled with bank statements and documents and an envelope containing a bundle of $50 notes, totalling $6,000,” says Mr Singh.

The bank documents and statements all had the same name on them, “Daniel”.

Singh used this name, phone numbers and email addresses on the bank documents to try and track down Daniel, but all his correspondence received no response.

He even went to the address on the documents, only to find that Daniel had recently moved out.

Facebook was his last resort, and after a few messages and voice mails left on Daniel’s Facebook, finally Singh received a call from Daniel.

When Singh finally met with Daniel to return his bag, Daniel explained that the money wasn’t important and that the iPad and bank documents had more value to him and his business.

“Daniel was very happy after receiving his bag. He tried to give me cash reward, but I refused as I was just doing my duty,” Singh told SBS Punjabi.

“I just wanted Daniel to go and do something good for someone else and continue to pass on the good deed. That was enough reward for me.”

Singh had his daughter by his side and Daniel grabbed some cash and handed it to her.

“This is a reward for your dad because of the good thing he did for me. Give it to him when you get home,” he said.

When Singh and his daughter arrived home, they were surprised to learn that Daniel had given a $3,000 reward. 

While crediting his effort to Sikh principles, Mr Singh mentioned that it was his duty that he "fulfilled with Guru’s grace."

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