A man standing at a lectern.

Incoming prime minister Anthony Albanese. Source: Getty / Lisa Maree Williams

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Election 2022 as it happened: Anthony Albanese's emotional victory speech, Scott Morrison steps down as party leader

A man standing at a lectern.

Incoming prime minister Anthony Albanese. Source: Getty / Lisa Maree Williams

Published 21 May 2022
Source: SBS News
12:45ama month ago
That's a wrap: Here's what you need to know as Anthony Albanese claims victory
Well, it's past midnight and vote counting is winding down; so it's time for the SBS News team to call it a night.

Thanks for joining us, folks! We hope you enjoyed our live blog coverage as much as we enjoyed bringing you the latest updates on election day.

Here's a short recap before we sign off:
  • Scott Morrison has conceded defeat and says he will hand over the Liberal Party leadership at the next partyroom meeting.
  • Labor leader Anthony Albanese has delivered his victory speech, but it is still unclear whether Labor will be able to form government in its own right.
  • The 47th parliament is set to have a larger crossbench in the House of Representatives than the previous one. The Greens are poised to pick up two additional seats which the party's leader Adam Bandt has labelled a "Green-slide". Victorian independent Zoe Daniel and her NSW counterparts Allegra Spender and Kylea Tink are also set to enter the chamber.
  • Treasurer Josh Frydenberg is hoping postal votes will get him over the line as he trails independent challenger Dr Monique Ryan in the inner-east Melbourne seat of Kooyong.
- David Aidone
12:36ama month ago
Multicultural MPs will 'make our parliament stronger and our democracy stronger', Sally Sitou says
Parliament may look a lot different going forward with the diversity of local Australian communities given an opportunity to be reflected with more diverse candidates winning seats.

Labor's Sally Sitou is set to become the member for Reid after defeating Liberal MP Fiona Martin in a battle that was marred by controversy after Ms Martin was accused of confusing Ms Sitou with another Asian-Australian.
Ms Sitou is the daughter of Chinese parents who fled Laos after the Vietnam war and says her background and experiences growing up in the western suburbs of Sydney have shaped her into the woman and leader she is today.

Ms Sitou told SBS News tonight following her win in Reid that diversity in parliament is important not for diversity's sake but for what diverse politicians bring into parliament.

"You bring different experiences and perspectives, different ways of looking at the world, and that is what's going to make our parliament stronger and our democracy stronger," she said.

In Fowler, independent candidate Dai Le appears to be in a strong position to defeat high-profile Labor candidate Kristina Keneally, who was controversially parachuted into what was previously a safe Labor seat, displacing local Vietnamese-Australian lawyer Tu Le.
Dai Le arrived in Australia with her mother and two younger sisters from refugee camps in South East Asia in the late 1970s, after her mother escaped war-ravaged Vietnam, and eventually resettled in Bossley Park.

She is currently leading Ms Keneally 53.54 per cent to 46.46 per cent on a two candidate preferred basis.
12:12ama month ago
Watch: Anthony Albanese 'honoured to serve'
12:00ama month ago
Boris Johnson sends congratulations on Twitter
The congratulations have started pouring in with UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson kicking it off on Twitter.

"I look forward to working with you as we reap the rewards of our comprehensive Free Trade Agreement, the AUKUS partnership and the unmatched closeness between the British and Australian people," he said in a tweet with the UK and Australian flag emojis.
While we're on Britons, chef Nigella Lawson has also expressed excitement in a tweet. Her tweet has more engagement than Mr Johnson's...
- Michelle Elias
11:48pma month ago
'I hope there are families in public housing watching tonight': Anthony Albanese's victory speech
Anthony Albanese held back tears as opened his victory speech.

Addressing party faithful at the Canterbury-Hurlstone RSL, the Labor party leader started with a Acknowledgement of Country before saying he committed to the .

He also thanked Australians "for this extraordinary honour".

"Tonight the Australian people have voted for change. I am humbled by this victory and I'm honoured to be given the opportunity to serve as the 31st Prime Minister of Australia," Mr Albanese said.

Mr Albanese confirmed Scott Morrison had called and congratulated him on his victory, and he thanked the outgoing prime minister "for the service he has given to our country".

After calling for order and telling an excited crowd to "behave", Mr Albanese spoke of unifying the country.

"I want to seek our common purpose and promote unity and optimism, not fear and division," he said.

He reiterated many of his campaign pitches, including strengthening Medicare, fixing the aged care crisis, establishing a federal anti-corruption commission, and working collaboratively with business and unions to lift productivity, wages, and profits.

"And together we can embrace the Uluru Statement from the Heart," he said.

"We can answer its patient, gracious call for a voice enshrined in our constitution. Because all of us ought to be proud that amongst our great multicultural society we count the oldest living continuous culture in the world."

Among the people he thanked were his son, Nathan, and his mother, Maryanne, who he frequently referred to throughout the election campaign and how she raised him as a single mother in public housing.

"To my mum, who's beaming down on us, thank you," he said.

"And I hope there are families in public housing watching this tonight. Because I want every parent to be able to tell their child no matter where you live or where you come from, in Australia the doors of opportunity are open to us all."

- David Aidone
11:48pma month ago
Labor's Penny Wong says 'Australians have chosen change'
Labor's Penny Wong is addressing a packed room of party faithful, as she introduces Australia's incoming 31st prime minister, Anthony Albanese.

"Australians have chosen, and they have chosen change," she said, to rounds of applause from the crowd.

"Australians have chosen, and they have chosen hope. Australians have chosen, and they have looked to the future. A better future for all. A government that will act on climate change. A government for women.

"A government that will look to unify, to bring people together, not to divide. A Labor government.

"An Albanese Labor government. Australians chose hope, and the man who embodies that hope is my friend, our leader, Anthony Albanese. Please welcome to the stage the man set to be the 31st prime minister of Australia."
11:38pma month ago
If you've just joined us, here's what's happened
  • Scott Morrison has conceded defeat, and says he'll be handing over the leadership of the Liberal party at the next party room meeting
  • The count in Kooyong seems too close to call, with Josh Frydenberg unsure if he'll retain his seat
  • 'Teal' independent Allegra Spender has claimed victory in Wentworth over Dave Sharma; Zoe Daniel has similarly claimed victory over Liberal Tim Wilson in Goldstein
  • Kristina Kenneally — under fire for being 'parachuted' into a previously safe Labor seat — has suffered a substantial swing against her, and in favour of independent Dai Le
  • Labor's Marion Scrymgour is on track to secure the seat of Lingiari in the Northern Territory
  • The coalition have suffered a substantial swing against them in WA
11:32pma month ago
Murugappan family to return to Biloela, 'relieved' by Labor win
The incoming Labor government means the Murugappan family will be able to return to Biloela.

A statement from Angela Fredericks of the 'Home to Bilo' campaign said she had called Priya Murugappan and informed her of the news.

"Many happy tears were shed," Ms Fredericks said in a statement.
"We now believe that this long, painful saga can finally come to an end. This family has been away from their home for more than four years. They never should have been taken from the town that loved and needed them.

“As they make the long journey to Biloela to resume their lives here, they also commence a journey of recovery and healing."

- Michelle Elias
11:29pma month ago
Anthony Albanese speaks after Scott Morrison concedes defeat
Labor leader Anthony Albanese has been doorstopped as he left his home in Marrickville in Sydney's inner-west.

He is on his way to address party faithful at the Canterbury-Hurlstone RSL.

"I am ready to serve," Mr Albanese said after a reporter asked was he "ready to party".

Asked what his message is, he replied: "That I want to unite the people.

"People want to come together, look for common interest, look towards the sense of common purpose. I think people have had a life of division. What they want is to come together as a nation, and I intend to lead that."

- David Aidone
11:19pma month ago
In Bennelong 'it's too close to call', says Labor's Jerome Laxale
Labor candidate for Bennelong Jerome Laxale told SBS tonight Labor has done well to get the votes it has given the seat is traditionally strongly Liberal.

"It's too close to call," Mr Laxale said.

The Labor MP is right as the AEC has the two candidate preferred vote with the Liberal's Simon Kennedy at just about a 50/50 split.
11:12pma month ago
Annastacia Palaszczuk congratulates Anthony Albanese on election victory
Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk was among those congratulating Anthony Albanese on his election win.

The Labor premier tweeted: "Congratulations to Anthony Albanese, the next Labor Prime Minister of Australia. I look forward to working with in the interest of all Queenslanders."

10:54pma month ago
Scott Morrison concedes defeat, will hand over Liberal leadership
Scott Morrison has called Anthony Albanese to concede defeat in the 2022 federal election, and says he will hand over the Liberal leadership.

"Tonight, I have spoken to the leader of the Opposition, and the incoming prime minister, Anthony Albanese, and I've congratulated him on his election victory this evening," Mr Morrison told Liberal Party faithful.

"On a night like tonight, it is proper to acknowledge the functioning of our democracy. I've always believed in Australians and their judgement, and I've always been prepared to accept their verdicts. And tonight, they have delivered their verdict, and I congratulate Anthony Albanese, and the Labor Party, and I wish him and his government all the very best."
Mr Morrison said he will hand over the leadership of the Liberal Party at the next party room meeting "to ensure that the party can be taken forward under new leadership, which is the appropriate thing to do".

"I have had the great privilege to lead this great party and to lead this great nation. And the reason I've been able to do that is I've been supported by so many and I want to thank all of those colleagues tonight for all of their great work in service of their country," he said.

Mr Morrison said while tonight is "a night of disappointment for the Liberals and Nationals" it's also "a time for Coalition and members and supporters all across the country to hold their highs head".

He said he will continue to represent the seat of Cook, where he was first elected in 2007.

"They have supported me so strongly and I will continue to be your representative and I will continue to stand up for the values of our shire."

- Emma Brancatisano
10:49pma month ago
ANALYSIS: What next for the Liberals?
 - Chief Political Correspondent, Anna Henderson

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg is unlikely to retain his seat and Scott Morrison is not expected to stay on as leader after this election loss.

The next most likely contender is Peter Dutton who has issued a rallying cry to the party tonight.

He also suffered a swing against him, but looks likely to retain the seat.

The Coalition has lost some of its key moderate voices - think marriage equality and climate action - and so there are real fears internally about whether the party will be able to rebuild.

Their departure from the parliament will change the make-up of the Coalition and the voting base for whoever is elected the next leader.

10:42pma month ago
The Liberal Party has 'suffered a terrible day today', Peter Dutton says
Morrison government Defence Minister Peter Dutton has addressed Liberal party faithful in his Queensland seat of Dickson following a "terrible" election night for the Liberal Party. 

Mr Dutton is leading Labor candidate Ali France 52.87 per cent to 47.13 per cent on a two candidate preferred basis.

“We have, as a Liberal family, suffered a terrible day today. And there are colleagues around the country, good people, who have potentially lost their seats,” Mr Dutton said. 

He noted that there are still “thousands and thousands of postal votes and pre-poll votes to count. So there's some hope in some of those seats”. 

“In many, the race is very tight. I want to acknowledge the pain they're going through tonight, their families, their supporters and our supporters across the country. There are some amazing people who supported the Liberal Party day in, day out. Through good times and bad.”

Mr Dutton acknowledged “the work of the Prime Minister and Josh Frydenberg, our entire cabinet and backbench”. 

“This has been a united team. We have worked day and night through the last couple of years of great difficulty for our country. We've been able to put our country in a position that is the economic envy of the world. We've been able to provide support and leadership to the Australian people through very difficult times. And the leadership of the Prime Minister has been quite remarkable. The stewardship of the economy by Josh Frydenberg has been world-leading."
10:41pma month ago
Here's the current state of the house as swing to Labor, independents continues
With many seats too close to call, here's what the current make-up of the House of Representatives appears to be.

Projected seat distribution at 10.30pm on Saturday 21st May
Projected seat distribution at 10.30pm on Saturday 21st May
10:36pma month ago
John Howard arrives at Liberal headquarters
Former prime minister John Howard has arrived at Liberal headquarters.

Things aren't looking good for the Coalition as Labor makes up ground in Victoria and NSW, and appears optimistic in the South Australian seat of Boothby.
10:36pma month ago
Indigenous Affairs Minister Ken Wyatt trailing Labor candidate
Indigenous Affairs Minister Ken Wyatt is trailing the Labor Party's candidate Tania Lawrence in the Western Australia seat of Hasluck.

Mr Wyatt has been the Member for Hasluck since 2010, and is the second Liberal Party MP to hold the seat since it was created in 2001.

He is currently trailing Ms Lawrence on first preferences, according to the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC).

The AEC has Ms Lawrence ahead on a two candidate preferred basis, 55.4 per cent to 44.6 per cent.

- David Aidone
10:32pma month ago
Scott Morrison will 'take responsibility' for election results, Simon Birmingham says
Morrison government finance minister Simon Birmingham says he is "confident" Scott Morrison will "take responsibility" for tonight's result, with speculation that Labor could potentially find itself in a position to form majority government as a slew of high profile Liberal MPs look set to lose their seats.

"I'm confident that Scott will take responsibility. But we all have to take responsibility, too. Ultimately, it is a team," Mr Birmingham said following a speech from Treasurer Josh Frydenberg, who conceded that it would be "difficult" for him to retain his seat of Kooyong in the face of a surge of support for independent candidate Monique Ryan.

"What we saw from Josh before was he acknowledged the role of the team and we share together the successes that we've had as a government, and we've had some pretty amazing successes in coming through what has been a most trying time in Australia's history and global history.

"But we also have to share responsibility for the blame, too, where we have lost seats and where we have gone backwards. So I cop that on my shoulders and I've got no doubt that Scott, as the leader, will take it on his as well."

- Isabelle Lane
10:22pma month ago
Labor optimistic in Boothby, SA Premier Peter Malinauskas supports colleagues
The South Australian marginal seat of Boothby is shaping up as a close call. The seat is currently tipped to go to Labor's Louise Miller Frost over the Liberal's Rachel Swift.

The AEC's two candidate preferred vote is in favour of Miller-Frost (52.2 per cent) in front of Swift (47.7 per cent).

The SA Premier Peter Malinauskas has made a surprise visit in Boothby describing the seat as historically "the mirage in the desert, just out of reach…" but "tonight there is optimism for SA".

Boothby has been in Liberal hands for more than 70 years and is currently held on a margin of 1.4%. Anthony Albanese campaigned in the seat with former prime minister Julia Gillard in the last days of the campaign.

Independent Joe Dyer, backed by Climate 200, is also in the race and in the upper house, former Senator Nick Xenophon is having another crack at federal politics, running against Rex Patrick.

Former Liberal MP Nicolle Flint is leaving politics because of what she describes as a sexist and misogynistic culture in Canberra.

- Peta Doherty & Monique Pueblos
10:19pma month ago
Labor makes gains in Christian Porter's old seat
In former Attorney-General Christian Porter's old seat of Pearce in Western Australia, the Labor Party is making gains.

There's a big swing of 12.9 per cent to candidate Labor candidate Tracey Roberts, who currently has a projected two candidate preferred vote of 57.7 per cent. Liberal candidate Linda Aitken sits at about 42.3 per cent.

Retiring Liberal MP Christian Porter had represented this seat since 2013.

Also in WA, Liberal candidate Ken Wyatt is facing an 11.45 per cent swing against him. The AEC is projecting Labor Party's Tania Lawrence with a two candidate preferred vote of 55.6 per cent, compared to Mr Wyatt's 44.4 per cent.

This seat has been held by Mr Wyatt since 2010.

- Michelle Elias
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