• Snapshots from the Channel 9 ad starring their employees. The ad has been criticised for being all-white. (Twitter: Channel 9)Source: Twitter: Channel 9
A newly released ad featuring Channel 9 stars has quickly been called out on social media for a complete lack of people of colour.
Dan Butler

1 Jun 2021 - 2:08 PM  UPDATED 1 Jun 2021 - 2:09 PM

Blakfulla Twitter has taken aim at a Channel 9 ad encouraging Australians to get their COVID vaccination shots, criticising the initiative for its lack of diversity. 

The ad features some of the station's highest profile stars, including Eddie McGuire, Hamish and Andy and Erin Molan, urging community members to get the jab. 

"COVID has affected each and every one of us," says The Block host Scott Cam, "and now we have a shot to get back to normal."

However social media users felt the ad fell far from representing 'each and every one' of Australia's communities.

The all-white cast of the ad are taken from the stock of current employees at Channel 9, leading some to highlight the related issue of the media's lack of people of colour. 

A 2020 report by Media Diversity Australia found that representation on the major channels was at odds with the wider community.

Indigenous representation on Channel 9 was found to be just 0.2%.

Some users compared the vaccination ad unfavourably with a recent example from New Zealand, with Maori people and language featured heavily in the video. 

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