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The Syndicate

Founded in 1986, the group now consists of more than 750 crime writers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We hear from two of them, Sandra Luepkes and Kerstin...

Payment by ring

Sydneysiders love their outdoor lifestyle. Where do you leave your purse when you are surfing or swimming? Now you can leave it at home. The coffee or the cool...

An afternoon of crime

Ingrid Davis is a German author of crime stories. She will read out of her book "Vergeben und Vergessen" on Saturday, the 24th of February, 1.30pm at the Goethe...
To be different is in most cases not easy, especially for children. It is important to them to identify themselves with other children. What it means to be...

Use your head!

How do a ping-pong table, a head and a ball go together? Obviously in a new sport.