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Add a little sweet to your sour with recipes that honour the glory that is grapefruit.
10 Jun 2021 - 1:05 PM  UPDATED 10 Jun 2021 - 2:12 PM

Understandably there are many out there who are still scarred by their ill-advised adolescent attempt at the dreaded Grapefruit Diet. A grapefruit eaten with every meal was supposed to magically burn off fat. Instead, it simply magically burned away the will to live.

Three grapefruit a day for 10 days equals... way too many grapefruit.

The long, strange history of dieting fads
Fad diets come and go, including one that suggested not living near a swamp. We're not so convinced...

Slow your breathing. Everything is okay. We're not making you go back there. Instead, we'd like to re-introduce you to this most marvellous fruit. We promise you won't have to eat it three times a day.

Instead, you get to indulge your inner foodie while you reap grapefruit's many benefits. These include being sky-high in vitamins C and A, plus good sources of fibre, carbohydrates, antioxidants, potassium, thiamine, folate and magnesium. There's even a little added protein.

A lot to get excited about there. Here's how to wrap that excitement up and munch on it with glee.

Simple pleasures

Let's start at the very beginning. With an unadulterated ruby grapefruit marmalade that will send a little tangy sunshine your way every time you sit down to breakfast. It's also a superb addition to a cheese platter.

Pink lady smoothie

Say hello to your energy levels with this lively and nourishing concoction.

All the flavours

If it's sweet, sharp, crunchy, zesty, chilli and sour you're after, munch on this beef carpaccio. Punchy grapefruit is contributing most of those flavours, of course.

So much bitter

Different ingredients will bring out either the sweet, sour or bitter notes in grapefruit. In Adam Liaw's salad, the focus is on the bitter, achieved by adding peppery blue cheese, rocket and watercress. It's not all sharp notes, however. Caramelising the grapefruit adds plenty of sweetness, too.


Combining your beloved grapefruit with other citrus creates magic to pour over simply cooked fish. In this recipe, mahi mahi is used as it's a particularly creamy fish that pairs so well with the sticky citrus sauce.

Seared scallop, grapefruit and fennel salad

This dish was inspired by travels to the north of Italy a few years back where they used the local large lemons (also famously used for limoncello) that were preserved and served up sliced with grilled scallops and frisee as a salad. 

Always agrio

Ecuadorian slow-roasted pork with agrio sauce and salad

The Spanish word agrio translates as sour, tart and acidic. So, pretty much your average grapefruit without its sweet side. It more than holds its own with other strong flavours in this slow-cooked pork and salad dish.

Salad days

Salad works year round when grapefruit gets involved. On a bright winter's day, there's nothing finer than a dish like this citrus and avo salad. Grapefruit mingles with blood orange, orange, mandarin and yuzu to make a bright and cheery seasonal dish.

Grapefruit and mung bean noodle salad

There's so much flavour to this salad from the tart grapefruit to the fragrant lemongrass, the fried shallots and salty anchovies.

Sorbet refresh

Orange, pink grapefruit and Aperol sorbet (sorbetto all’arancia, pompelmo rosa e Aperol)

Another fine way to enjoy grapefruit is in any kind of sorbet form. This especially refreshing version whizzes pink grapefruit and orange juice with Aperol for an extra kick.

Well seasoned

Grapefruit goes especially well with pepper. No, really. Try grinding some fresh pepper onto a grapefruit half and you'll soon see what we mean. Or you could just make a batch of these grapefruit and pepper meringue tartlets and thank us later.

Ruby grapefruit tea cake

Ruby grapefruit tea cake for the win.

Sweet stop

Layered Turkish Delight pavlova

If you're making something super sweet (like, say, a layered Turkish delight pavlova), bitter grapefruit keeps things from tipping too far into 'saccharine' territory. Instead, you end up with a balanced dessert that feels surprisingly light.

Darkly bright

Chocolate cake with ruby grapefruit glaze

A tangy-sweet ruby grapefruit glaze cuts through a rich, dark chocolate cake to win over even the most staunch grapefruit-hater. Especially when candied grapefruit look so enticingly pretty on top!

Drink up

Who needs tonic or even gin when you've got a refreshing level of tang coming from rum and ruby red grapefruit juice? Add some pepper for that perfect balance of flavours we discussed at length above...

Bitter sweet memories
Marron with grapefruit dressing

Take a much-loved ingredient from Margaret River – marron – and let Ian Parmenter show you the best way to serve it on a warm day.

Cucumber-infused gin and grapefruit spritzer

Cucumber is infused into this refreshing gin drink, intensifying the perfect flavour partnership between the two. The grapefruit soft drink (or a mix of grapefruit juice and mineral water, if preferred) adds a lovely citrus sparkle to finish it off. This spritzer is perfect for spring.

Salad of beetroot-cured trout, grapefruit, goat’s curd and salmon roe

This is a simple, but elegant salad. The beetroot not only adds a fantastic colour to the dish, it also imparts the freshwater trout with an earthy flavour. You’ll need to prepare the trout a few hours before the rest of the salad.

Pink grapefruit, shaved fennel and avocado salad

"This is a beautiful summer salad making the most of the season's fresh produce. The sweetness of the grapefruit is balanced by the more robust flavour of the toasted almonds and the creamy richness of avocado. Rich in antioxidants and full of good fats, protein and minerals, this salad will serve four for lunch or six as a side dish." Loveday Why, Wild & Good

Smashed green olive and ruby grapefruit salad

This is an interesting and adventurous dish, which can be enjoyed as a main or side salad. Preparation here is very important because there is no cooking involved.

Grapefruit posset

Here's our twist on the old English dessert lemon posset, the grapefruit adds a slightly tart taste which cuts through the thick cream. With only 4 ingredients, it couldn't be easier.

Ruby grapefruit and makrut lime-ade

Enjoy this on its own or add a splash of soda water and for your next party, use it to top up a glass of champagne.

Seared yellowfin tuna with sweet pork crackling, ruby red grapefruit and black pepper caramel

Peter Kuruvita shares one of his most popular dishes at Flying Fish. Together with the crunchy pork crackling, seared tuna and black pepper caramel, this dish is a beautiful mix of cultures, flavours and textures.