The Food Lovers' Guide to Australia brings to the screen the best and most exciting food this country has to offer, travelling from the farms and plantations of the outback to tropical Kakadu, sharing magnificent meals and wonderful stories, plus recipes both traditional and new.
18 Jul 2013 - 10:33 AM  UPDATED 29 Oct 2014 - 9:38 AM

Join Maeve O'Meara and Joanna Savill on a voyage of discovery as they plunge into Australia's hidden food worlds - the colour and spectacle of South East Asia at Lao New Year, the solemn yet joyous rituals of a Greek Easter, a three-day long ceremony at a Sikh temple. Feast on Asian greens among the bougainvilleas of a Darwin backyard, the "best lamb on the planet" on Tasmania's Bruny Island, homecooked Turkish specialties or authentic Greek taverna fare in the middle of the desert.

The Food Lovers' Guide also celebrates the sheer artistry of food, from the craftsmanship of an Italian pastry chef to an extravagant bombe Alaska, or a luscious Peking duck! You'll be introduced to the talents of some of our most creative chefs - from Victoria's regional produce champion George Biron to Brisbane legend Timmy Kemp, plus the incredible Singapore-born Chui Lee Luk, now running one of Australia's most innovative kitchens at Claude's, in Sydney. Meet regional chefs like Willunga's Russell Jeavons or the Yarra Valley's Shane Delia, "new vegetarian" cookery writer Nadine Abensur or the happiest chef in Adelaide – Pang Ming Chui.

The Food Lovers' Guide is a glorious feast of Australian produce and a tribute to the inspiring people who grow it, cook it and share it.

Eager to learn how certain foods are made? Our collection of Food Art videos from the show, which delve into the creation of food specialties across many cultures, will explain all you ever wanted to know about how Peking duck is cooked, what's involved in making nougat, the delicate art of stuffed zucchini flowers, and more.


Series 2

Muscovy duck with peppercorns
Bastourma salad with Egyptian eggs
Brown lentils in rougaille
Loh bak
Coriander salsa
Octopus curry
Tomato tarte tartin with goat's cheese
Ground beef salad with lemongrass and chilli, Hmong style (la or larb)
Fattoush (Lebanese summer salad)
Char kway teow
Oxtail potjiekos
Korean pickled vegetables (kim chi)
Tommy ruff in tamarind broth
Sweet cheese strudel (retes)
Barbecued baby snapper with royal Thai paste
Castanet prawns (Imperial Chinese style)
Mandarin fish
Sweet potato and coconut balls (onde onde)
Vegetarian dish (Imperial Chinese style)
Baked carp
Minced rice and meat patties (kubba)
Mole poblano
Satay babi
Beef rendang
Sweet and sour barramundi
Sweet pork relish (nahm prik long reua)
Bolognese alla Olimpia
Bean soup (macedonian)
Duck pie
Black eyed pea stew (egwein)
Linguine alle vongole
Swordfish and seared scallops with asparagus
Roast goose stuffing
Blackforest cake
Coconut chutney
Lime Indian chutney
Indian-style mango pickle
Masala potatoes
White chocolate mousse and raspberry gateau
ANZAC biscuits
Tempura avocado rolls
Hare pie
Cuban rice and beans (congri)


Series 3

Lamb cutlets Thai style
Spicy chilli chicken (Ayam Pangang)
Fresh Coconut milk and cream
Pink-eye potato and wakame salad
Chicken and wakame soup with buckwheat noodles
Sweet corn risotto cake
Chinese belly pork (kow yuk)
Sticky coconut rice parcels (pulut inti)
Tofu laksa (tinn yeoh)
Calamari with spinach and black rice
Pork with fennel and sage
Bush tomato (akudjura) scones
Kangaroo tail (Italian style)
Numus (marinated fish)
Lemon myrtle prawns
Clootie dumpling
Mustard-crusted chicken breast with orange
Spatchcock and bitter orange casserole
Carpaccio of venison with goat's cheese salad
Lebanese garlic sauce (toum)
Braised venison with chestnuts
Roast chestnuts
Zucchini and rocket carpaccio with kale pesto
Tamarind chicken wings (canh ga rang me)
Vietnamese savoury coconut pancakes (Banh Khot)
Ocean trout carpaccio
Ocean trout with saffron sauce
Stuffed zucchini flowers
Pink-eye potato frittata
Roasted balsamic potatoes
Kangaroo with green mango salsa
Ethiopian chicken (wot)
Ethiopian bread (injera)
Ethiopian spiced ghee (niter kibbeh)
Rice and lentils (mujadra)
Baked fish with pistachio and tahini (samke harra)
Quail sang choy bao
Bamboo hummos
Caramelised jackfruit and bamboo dessert
Rabbit with chestnut cake
Seekh kebab with mint sauce
Prawns (marinated Indian style)
Champagne lassi
Chicken doodhwala
Green curry with bamboo
Lamb with lemon sauce (Sardinian)
Champurrado (Mexican hot chocolate)
Rosella jam
Choko pickle
Salmon and paperbark roll with native berry salsa
Spatchcock with mango pilaf
Mango pickle (Indian style)
Green mango salad
Ginger flower fish
White figs with fetta
Stuffed figs in rose syrup
Braised oxtail
Thai-style pork and prawns in egg net
Raspberry souffle
Bacalhau a bras (braised salt cod)


Series 4

Pumpkin and wattleseed damper
Samphire with lobster
Duck and poached quince with Chinese broccoli
Kerala fish curry
Lamb biryani
Saffron halwa
Boab and spiced chickpea salad
Laksa with boab root
Lemon delicious pudding
Lime beurre blanc
Tangelo jelly
Beetroot and tarragon ravioli
Bacalao (salt cod) Basque style
Garlic prawns (gambas al pil pil)
Leek soup
Mushrooms in parsley and white wine
Grilled chicken and banana flower salad
Kleftiko (oven-baked lamb)
Chilli mud crab
Rosata pasta sauce
Four seasons pasta sauce
Crispy fried pork with apple sauce
Stuffed capsicum (dolmeh-ye-felfel)
Saffron chicken (morq e zafarani)
Shiraz style salad (salat e shirazi)
Baked rice and eggplants (shirazi polo)
Roasted and salted almonds
Seared tuna with shiso
Herb salad
Jerusalem artichoke potato cakes with red onion jam
Marble cake
Wagyu beef tataki
Steamed scallops, saffron risotto and pea laksa
Lamb with cannellini beans
Asian mushroom and crab meat salad
Mushrooms on toast
Tomato ravioli, deconstructed
Blackberry beetroot soup with parsnip icecream
Chickpea and roasted eggplant salad
Asparagus salad with strawberries
White asparagus soup
Beef tenderloin with roesti and broadbeans
Summer tofu (hiyayakko)
Tofu hotpot (tofu nabe)
Chermoula swordfish and boulangere potatoes
Taro dip
Baked lamb and spiced rice (ouzi)
Mussels (moules) mariniere
Mussels escargots
Mussels tin tin
Gnocchi with saffron and broadbean sauce
'Golden fish' soup
Dried fish (Liberian style)
Lamb with rice and pistachios
Palava sauce
Molokheya (Egyptian style)
Chicken and pistachio dolmades
Cabbage rolls (toltott kaposzta)
Hungarian noodle cake (vargabeles)
Gari (pickled ginger)
Takikomi gohan (seasonal rice balls)
Sugar-cured trout with green tea noodle salad
Crispy fried pancake (banh xeo)
Candied yams
Coca Cola ham
Pumpkin Pie


Series 5

In the fifth edition of this amazing program, presenters Maeve O'Meara and Joanna Savill boosted the adventure factor by travelling to some of the most far-flung corners of the country… and tasting some truly fascinating food.

Fish soup and rice
Saffron tagliarini with snails
Snails in beurre noisette on parmesan polenta
Russell's wood fired pizza
Chestnut soup with hazelnut oil
Rack of lamb with a spiced beetroot glaze
Grilled eggplant with marinated fetta
Stuffed calamari (calamari ripieni)
Pot roasted lamb with quinces
Galaktoboureko (custard in filo)
Chicken and lotus stir fry
Braised lotus with pork rib soup
Soy and sake beef with ponzu
Banana flower salad
Coconut noodle soup
Molokheya (Egyptian style)
Roast duck with braised cabbage
Spiced lamb with sweet and sour pomegranate
King George whiting rolls
Cauliflower, cashew and green pea curry
Walnuts and oregano bread
Walnut tart
Moroccan goat
Fortune chicken
Chilli walnut dip (cevizli biber)
Lamb fillo parcels (serimsek)
Turkish lentil and bulgur patties (mercimekli kofte)
Crispy skin Chinese chicken
Spiced persimmon tart
Persimmon and coconut parfait
Hare fillet with wild mushrooms
Taro three ways with crusted barramundi
Salad of abalone, pork and celeriac
Pan roasted blue eye with saffron glaze
Fennel, pumpkin and eggplant tagine with chickpeas
Chermoula swordfish with boulangere potatoes
Wonton & egg (lomein) noodles
Marmalade pork
Baked Italian rice (timballo di riso)
Braised potatoes with Maltese sausage
Strawberry marscarpone cake
Strawberry muffins
Seared scallops with fennel and citrus
Cheesy lemonade scones
Baked mixed vegetables
Barbecued prawns
Burmese rice "salad" (htamin lethoke)
Baked fish with pistachio and tahini (samke harra)
Pistachio icecream
Pistachios in dukkah
Barbecue quail with pistachio pesto
Braised lamb shanks in yellow curry