You may know him as the Spice Journey travel extraordinaire, but now we unravel the layers and follow the busy Melbourne life and food aspirations of celebrity chef and family man, Shane Delia. #RecipeForLife
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Shane Delia's Recipe For Life is a juggling act of deliciously epic proportions, as this series sees Shane find his own balance between business, health and family. Watch as he sets about improving the health of his kids, his community and his customers – one meal at a time. Through smarter food choices in schools and uncovering how communities are already engaging with food as a tool for education and opportunity, we are thrown into the mix that is Shane Delia's Recipe For Life.

Episode 1 | Feed the Mind

Aired 8pm Thursday 11 January 2018 on SBS. Watch SBS On Demand here.

This brand-new series follows the busy professional and personal life of celebrity chef Shane Delia as he embarks upon a number of projects in his hometown of Melbourne. As well as running his high-end restaurant, launching a new kebab chain, and caring for his family, he’s launching Feed the Mind - a project to get healthy food into school canteens.


Roast duck, artichoke, pancetta and baby cabbage

Truffle ice cream, hazelnuts and chocolate


Episode 2 | No compromises

Aired 8pm Thursday 18 January 2018 on SBS. Watch SBS On Demand here.

How do you provide tasty, delicious and high-quality meals, whilst keeping prices affordable? It’s a problem Shane Delia is facing both in his business and with his Feed the Mind project. The answer for Shane is to look for local solutions, and he enlists the help of Stephanie Alexander to supercharge the school garden as a means to provide healthy ingredients that don’t need to be ordered from the shop.

Grass to glass: Why people are smitten by micro-dairy milk
Small-scale milk producers like Saint David Dairy in Melbourne are changing the way we experience and appreciate our milk.


Southern fried chicken with corn salad

Maltese rabbit stew

Stephanie Alexander's basil and carrot fritters

Episode 3 | Double down

Aired 8pm Thursday 25 January 2018 on SBS. Watch SBS On Demand here.

In order to make his new business viable, Shane Delia needs to expand his business, and the first step is launching a new food truck. This will mean more staff are needed so he takes some potential new staff members to Melbourne food charity, FareShare to see how they cope in a commercial kitchen. Meanwhile, seeking inspiration for recipes for his Feed the Mind project, he uncovers the secrets to one of his favourite pho recipes in the country.

Welcome to Australia's biggest charity kitchen
FareShare takes excess food from supermarkets and transforms it into 5000 meals - daily.


Chicken and saffron couscous

Breakfast greens with fried eggs and tahini

Poached chicken and brown rice bowl


Episode 4 | From little things, big things grow

Aired 8pm Thursday 1 February 2018 on SBS. Watch SBS On Demand here.

As well as supercharging the school garden with new plants and herbs, Shane Delia also takes a punt on two new staff members for his Biggie Smalls kebab store. Meanwhile, he continues to develop up healthy and affordable school lunches and has to look at how the addition of nuts is proving difficult with one of his dishes.

How a school kitchen garden can transform an entire community
"They say food brings people together. What we’ve found is that this program has brought our community together."


Sudanese beef and peanut butter toastie

Coconut braised beef brisket kebab


Episode 5 | Strike while the iron's hot

Aired 8pm Thursday 8 February 2018 on SBS. Watch SBS On Demand here.

As launch day fast approaches, Shane Delia needs to bed down design, menu and fit out. He also continues to develop healthy meal options for his trial school, but it’s not just kids that Shane thinks should eat well – its blokes his own age too.  Working with his local AFL Football club, he helps launch the Sons of the West – a 10-week program for men to teach them the benefits of a healthy body and healthy mind.

Here’s what they don’t tell you about running a food truck
Mechanical failures, car accidents and broken air conditioners: sometimes the food-truck life isn't as glamorous as it seems.


Cheesy pesto corn on the cob

Ted Delia's Maltese-style bruschetta

Episode 6 | Making over old favourites

Aired 8pm Thursday 15 February 2018 on SBS. Watch on SBS On Demand here.

As the launch of Feed the Mind draws closer, Shane Delia turns his attention to marketing this venture to the students. Enlisting the help of his core group, they work on a social media campaign to help sell the concept. In order to win over junk-food addicts to a healthier lifestyle, Shane Delia attempts to improve the health benefits of some our favourite junk foods including hamburgers and sausage rolls.


Mushroom falafel burger

Vegetarian "sausage" roll

Lime-cured salmon and cold noodle salad

Episode 7 | Sky's the limit

Tune in 5pm on Fridays or watch the episode on SBS On Demand here.

Shane Delia scours Melbourne for the best food in order to prepare for his charity lunch, Men of Melbourne. After fishing for fresh scallops off Melbourne’s doorstep, he heads down the Great Ocean Road in search of an older and much rarer ingredient.


Scallop with preserved lemon and garlic

Roasted parsnip chips with bush pepper

Watch this episode here

Episode 8 | Launch day

Tune in 5pm on Fridays or watch the episode on SBS On Demand here.

After months of planning, the launch day for Feed the Mind is here, but the big question is – are schools ready for a healthier canteen? And its graduation day for the Sons of the West, and Shane cooks up a healthy BBQ feast.


BBQ lamb skewers with pesto 

Watch this episode here

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