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'Angels from heaven': People thank Sikh volunteers helping feed families, international students during COVID

Australian Sikh Association volunteers have been distributing free food and grocery hampers to people in need. Source: Jasbir Singh

Hailing them as "angels from heaven," people receiving help from volunteers of the Australian Sikh Association and International Students Help Organisation thank them for their selfless service during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Australian Sikh Association has been distributing cooked meals and grocery kits ever since coronavirus started disrupting lives of Australians earlier this year.

Jasbir Singh, a volunteer with the Sydney-based charity group says people who receive help through them have been sending them overwhelming messages of thanks and gratitude.


  • People receiving help thank volunteers of the Australian Sikh Association 
  • ASA has been distributing cooked meals and grocery hampers to people affected by COVID-19
  • ASA also delivers food to overseas travellers in hotel quarantine in Sydney

Sharing a message that he recently received from an Indian-origin student who called him an 'angel', Mr Singh said while his emotions warmed his heart, "he was just following the teachings of the Sikh Gurus."

ASA volunteer
My religion tells me that all people are same; Jasbir Singh
Jasbir Singh

"My religion teaches me to be kind and generous towards all without any discrimination and that is exactly what we have been doing through our efforts," he said.

The group which has been joined by volunteers of the International Students Help Organisation also delivers free cooked meals to returning travellers in mandatory hotel quarantine.

"We also deliver food at hotels in Sydney four days a week where people spend 14 days in quarantine after returning from overseas. They call us for vegetarian Indian meals usually," said Mr Singh.

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