2017 was pretty big for the stone fruit and they sure knew how to rock the boat.
Farah Celjo

16 Jan 2018 - 1:52 PM  UPDATED 16 Jan 2018 - 1:25 PM

2016 was the year of the smashed avo.

Hipster cafes rejoiced, millennials (really everyone) went wild and any dreams of ever owning a castle - scratch that, a house - were shattered forever.

So 2017 had a lot of avocado stereotypes to smash and this stone fruit certainly managed to conjure up another oddball year for its lovers and haters.

People wanted to increase its life expectancy

And also slice and dice an avo without removing your hand. #foodgoals

Melbourne's Light Years Cafe thinks pixel avocado is the next big trend out of social media. (Kseniia Koval)

Melbourne wanted avo lattes... or did they?

Pro: it saves on washing up. Con: you'll never own your own home.

Gelato had fomo...

Avolato or Gelcado? Take a deep breath...

The interest in the 'avolatte' has given rise to the 'avofrappe' and the 'avolato'.

Amsterdam got an all-avo restaurant

Europe’s first restaurant serving everything avocado opened mid-March in the Netherlands capital.

The restaurant has been sharing their avocado inspo - including this amazing burger.

Then Australia followed suit and they wanted an official taste tester

Job description: 'Head of Avo Control' - must have minimum two years of smashing avocado experience.

Australia's first avocado pop-up eatery is looking for Sydney's biggest avocado fan to be official taster.

There was new life in the beloved avocado yet

See what this artist can do with Australia's favourite stone fruit.

After tackling all kinds of fruit and veg, this clever chef has turned his attention to the avo.

Then someone went and invented a diet avo?

New year, new you - with 30 per cent less fat?

A fruit company in Spain has invented the Avocado Light.

They went big in China

But not everyone was convinced of their 'superfood powers'.

The popularity of avocados is growing in China.

Yes, you can be allergic to avocado

And honey...

All kinds of foods can cause allergies - even avocado.

They were stolen?

Police charged a man with unlawful possession after recovering a number of usual stolen goods, including hundreds of avos. 

The rise and fall of America's favorite fruit.

Avo dressed up like a pickle... kind of

Stoneless avocados are the newest addition to produce aisles... don't be fooled this ain't no pickle.

Marks and Spencer have started selling stoneless cocktail avocados with edible skin.

Adding guac boosted dating profiles

If you heart guacamole, others might just heart you back.

The only hostile thing an avocado ever did was refuse to ripen for a week

So, avocado was forgiven...

Av should be simply “mashed" not "smashed".

So we took a trip to Jamaica (read: made Jamaican avocado ice-cream)

Definitely more cost effective then airfares - anyone got a discount code handy? Here's the recipe in the meantime!

And then we were reassured imperfection was alllllllllllright

Real life is just fine, thanks.

Real avo smash is fine, thanks.


So 2018, let's see how you can up the avo ante. It's been smooth sailing so far (it's only mid-January people), but it's only a matter of time before a viral video gets unleashed, right?


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