Dulche de leche

Roughly translated as "candy made of milk", dulce de leche is a sweet, sticky caramel popular among South American desserts.

This popular snack is filled to order with chocolate or dulce de leche (a caramel, which, in Brazil, is called doce de leite).
This popular English dessert is given a Latin twist with Spanish caramel, banana and almonds.
This rich Argentinian dessert uses lemon juice and vanilla bean to make the caramel. Serve cold with the dulce de leche (milk caramel) for extra indulgence.
This hybrid banana-toffee pie was created in an English restaurant, The Hungry Monk, in 1972. It consisted of a shortcrust pastry base topped with caramelised...
With dulce de leche cream, toasted almonds, chocolate custard, shortbread and a Spanish sherry jelly, we’re bringing sexy back to the festive trifle.

Dulce de leche recipes