Weekend sport preview

With the NRL and AFL competitions gathering steam and the Israel Folau saga continuing in rugby union, it's a busy time in the world of sport.
Millions of voters across India are casting their ballots as phase two of the country's elections begins.
Labor is facing criticism from both the Coalition and the Greens over its climate change policies.
The Greens have announced a $50 million plan to increase the ability of migrants and new arrivals to Australia to access English language support.

PM bulletin 18 April

Scott Morrison says Labor has become increasingly desperate while campaigning; Borce Ristevski jailed for nine years for killing his wife and at least 28 dead in...
The fascination of a diverse group of Australians with all things South Korean, particularly the country’s music, has led to an increased uptake in Korean...
Months of protests resulted in the removal of the long-time president in a military coup last week but Sudanese people remain on the streets, demanding a civilian...

Midday bulletin 18 April

Labor says its climate change policies will create jobs as the Coalition questions their cost; Joko Widodo on track to claim victory in Indonesia's presidential...

Solidarity shown to Notre Dame

Cathedrals around France and around the world have been ringing their bells in solidarity with Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris
There's no other figure that looms larger over the Liberal Party of Australia than Sir Robert Menzies who helped create the party.
One of the first labour parties created in the world, Labor grew out of the trade union movement before Federation.

AM bulletin 18 April

Voters with just a few more hours to register to vote in next month's federal election; Joko Widodo on track to claim victory and another term in Indonesia's...
The melodrama of elections is often likened to theatre – but in India, that is taking on a more literal meaning.
A group of Melbourne students has left for the United States to take part in a global science competition promoting technology and innovation.
Applications are open for the long-awaited new temporary parent visa but many migrants say they feel excluded by the unrealistic conditions of the new visa class.