PM bulletin November 20 2019

An Australian academic released by the Taliban under a hostage swap deal, A rape investigation into Australian Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is discontinued,...
A July phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is at the heart of the impeachment investigation threatening Mr Trump’s presidency.
Denmark has temporarily reinstated border controls with Sweden in the wake of explosions that the Danish authorities blame on criminals from the neighbouring...

AM Bulletin 20 November 2019

An Australian academic freed in Afghanistan; Sweden drops an investigation into Julian Assange; and heatwave and bushfire concerns across several states
The Federal Treasurer wants older Australians to remain in the workplace longer, but some senior workers say workplace culture is what needs to change.
Queensland and New South Wales remain on high alert, and South Australia has catastrophic conditions and record-breaking heat forecast.
Around 150 people a day in Australia are hospitalised to due opioid use, often because of a lack of awareness about the potential dangers of the medication.
Tens of thousands of welfare recipients were overcharged by Centrelink using the process, and there are calls now for their payments to be refunded.

PM bulletin November 19 2019

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg warns Australia's ageing population is an economic challenge, In tennis, Roger Federer dismisses questions of his impending retirement.
The US, Israel's most important ally now believes Israeli settlements in the West Bank, captured by Israel in the war of 1967, are not necessarily illegal.

Midday bulletin November 19 2019

Pro-democracy Hong Kong protesters escape a university after days of chaos, The United States reverses its stance on Israeli civilian settlements, A ruling...
Researchers discover patients with severe but stable heart disease won't cut their risk of having a heart attack or dying by having surgery instead of medication.
The Chinese ambassador in London, Liu Xiaoming says foreign criticism of the way the Hong Kong government and police have handled protests in the territory is...
An official language strategy sees the revival of New Zealand’s indigenous language as a key part in national identity and reconciliation.
Latest figures show women at the top level of their professions are still at a disadvantage, even in female-dominated industries like healthcare.