Uighur-Australians are calling on the government to put more pressure on Beijing to release their relatives.
The Victorian government has announced a $600 million package to fix dangerous cladding on hundreds of buildings around the state - but the Federal Government won...
Indigenous poet and musician Kev Carmody took out the top prize at the prestigious Helpmann Awards.
For the first time in 111 years of professional Rugby League in Australia, a female will referee a top flight men's fixture.
Australian scientists are part of an international team that has identified a number of genes associated with the disorder anorexia nervosa.
A leading think-tank says private health cover is costly, unfair and confusing, as younger Australians continue to drop out at an alarming rate.
China has recorded its slowest economic growth since the early 1990s; so are there implications for Australia's economy?

PM bulletin 16 July 2019

The federal opposition attacks the government on the issue of infrastructure, More pressure on the government to help Uighur Muslims in China, Another AFL coach...

Midday bulletin 16 July 2019

Donald Trump renews attacks on four Democrat congresswomen, Victoria taxpayers to help fund repairs to buildings with combustible cladding, The NRL to get its...
The Democratic representatives told to "go back to the crime infested countries from which they came" say Donald Trump is openly violating American values.

AM bulletin 16 July 2019

Donald Trump renews attacks on four Democrat congresswomen; Former South African president Jacob Zuma tells a corruption inquiry he was a victim of an...
Australian Council of Social Service says Newstart payment needs to be raised immediately by $75 a week to keep up with rising living costs.
There are an estimated two-million temporary migrants in Australia at the moment, and their presence has increasingly become a political issue.
A toolkit aims to help regional towns fill skills shortages and make it easier for migrants to settle into regional life.
Australia could soon have a new country as a neighbour when the Papua New Guinea province of Bougainville votes in an independence referendum.