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Join Rae Johnston in this episode of the Take It Blak podcast for your monthly hit of the latest STEM news and interviews. 

There’s news about Tinder’s new feature that lets you block personal contacts and the latest on the new Twitter Blue subscription service. 

Rae speaks with health expert Edwina Griffin, who has teamed up with Gomeroi man Kevin Duncan on a world-first meditation app, AtOne. 

David Tegonging, Co-Lead Engineer on the scientifically accurate Kerbal Space Program video game, drops by to talk about how the upcoming sequel will be much more welcoming to new players.  

Jarin Baigent, founder of Trading Blak and Jarin Street, chats with Rae about a new #BuyBlak partnership with Facebook and Dean Foley, founder of tech & business hub talks about his career, offering some stellar insights and advice. 

Rae Johnston
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Monday, July 12, 2021 - 15:09
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