Acknowledging our history and our survival

Let's encourage more Australians to understand that this country always was and always will be Aboriginal land.



OPINION: Searching for deeper meaning on a day that he loathes, a Wongatha man found his positive energy watching Elders lead the mainstream Australia Day ceremonies....
No matter where you are in Australia — make sure you know that it's on Aboriginal land ... and *what* Aboriginal land.

Mau Power on culture and survival

Hip Hop artist, Patrick Mau aka 'Mau Power' reflects on the enduring strength of Torres Strait Islander culture and the challenges that still remain, in the lead...
With so much happening around the country politically, now is the time to voice your beliefs, showcase strength and honour identity.
The national conversation about when we should celebrate Australia Day continues to rage. Here are the councils that have taken a stand and changed the date.
This year a replica of Captain Cook’s ship, the Endeavour, will circumnavigate Australia to mark the 250th anniversary of Cook’s arrival. Meanwhile, the first...

What goes into organising a rally?

Each year the Invasion Day Rally is getting bigger and louder. But what does it take to galvanise voices of those who wish to be heard on such an important day?

Our Voices, Our Perspectives

Hear Indigenous perspectives on what Australia Day, the country's national day means for many.


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OPINION: We’re getting closer to January 26 and are still no closer to seeing the back of wild weather. Like the landscape, wildlife populations and incinerated...
OPINION: What happens when you mix together an official Australia Day Parade with a First Nation Protest March? The aim is truth, love and respect.
OPINION: How can I celebrate my birthday on the 26th Jan, now that I know what I know?
OPINION: In reality, 26 January never marked the commencement of “Australia”; it marked the commencement of British settlement on the continent.
OPINION: After a decade of patriotic trumpery and toxic behaviour, many mob are disengaging with the day all together. Jack Latimore is one of them.


The NITV News team are out and about around the country, giving you the latest stories on this polarising national day.

Labor leader Anthony Albanese has called for the country to shun the "counterproductive" debate around possibly moving Australia Day from its current date.
As January 26 approaches and mob across the country brace themselves for Australia Day whilst gearing up for Invasion Day and Survival Day marches, NITV’s The...
Wesley Enoch speaks to NITV's 'Living Black' about white guilt, change the date and telling the neglected stories of First Nations people.
For over 60,000 years Aboriginal people successfully managed Australia's environment. After what has been called the most destructive bushfire season ever,...
People throughout New South Wales and Victoria have welcomed heavy rains, which are expected to stick around for the rest of the week.

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Every night this week, NITV is showcasing rich Indigenous stories in the lead up to January 26, including special network coverage from Sunset to Sunrise. Join the...
Familiar favourites return to NITV next year, as well as some new programs that push television boundaries.
The critically-acclaimed documentary GURRUMUL, provides insight into the life and legacy of one of Australia's greatest musicians.
As part of their month-long summer festival programming, Sydney Festival will, once again, offer an opportunity to gather and reflect on Aboriginal culture.
It has been 30 years since one of the most pivotal moments in our recent history – the protest on Australia’s bicentenary.