Featured Stories

A select few of our landmark series of mini-documentaries from the heart of Indigenous communities.

Uncle Max Eulo is the unofficial face of Aboriginal Australia. He has smoked and welcomed the biggest names into this country. Who is Max Eulo, The Smoking Man.
Dan Rankine is a producer and MC with the Funkoars, the Australian hip hop act from Adelaide. The Funkoars are hip hop group that hail from Adelaide hills. What...
Greenhill School teaches and maintains Dunghutti in Kempsey and is steeped in the history of the community and how it is strengthening its youth in Kempsey.
Cameron Costello is in paradise as he stands on the beautiful shores of Stradbroke Island – yet something is not quite right. Years on from native title - he and...
Sydney-based artist who strongly identifies with his Chinese and Aboriginal heritage. Wing began as a street artist and has since expanded his practice to...
About the Series

Emerging filmmakers from regional and remote areas of Australia create digital song-lines to share stories of our life, our history, our elders, our communities, our events, our youth and our cultures.

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NITV is looking for proposals from independent filmmakers, both experienced and emerging, to create and share unique stories that inspire, instill pride and lead to a greater understanding of Indigenous people and culture.

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