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The government says this year's increase in health insurance premiums will be the lowest in seventeen years. ...
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Meteor shakes town in USA

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Please visit the Persian page.
For the first time in over 150 years, three lunar phenomena will collide producing a Super Blue Blood Moon on January 31 in Australia.
In this episode: Shareholders urge Apple to address child smartphone addiction concerns, Facebook plans major changes to news feed, CES 2018: Weird and wacky...

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How to do things in Australia

Going vegetarian

More Australians are opting to go meat-free to improve their health or lose weight. In fact, over ten per cent of our population are now vegetarian. According to...
Is providing birds with food and water making them too dependent? Or are gardens just the new frontier of Australia's urban landscape?

Water safety in Australia

Australia has over ten thousand beaches and summer is the best time to enjoy them. But many new Australians aren't aware of the dangers. So, how do you stay safe...

What’s Australia made of?

We think of Australia as a solid landmass. But it’s actually more like a jigsaw puzzle that has been put together over many millions of years. 
Newly arrived migrants are more likely to be jobless than Australian-born workers.Career coaches say the biggest hurdle many newcomers face is their inability to...