All Thai-ed up

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'Palm' is a four-letter word these days, but palm sugar isn't produced in the same way as palm oil. And that makes a whole world of difference.
One of Thailand’s most famous sausages has a very close relationship to Chiang Mai’s khao soi curry soup.
A salad is where it's at, especially when you crack that code of sweet, sour, salty and spicy.
From creamy coconut puddings and custards to rich layer cakes and sticky rice, these are some of Thailand’s best desserts.
This location scout will be battling Long Chim's team on The Chefs' Line – and he has plenty of personal experience to draw from.

Wonderful Indonesia Flavours

Indonesian chef Rinrin Marinka travels Indonesia showing Tobie Puttock and Darren Robertson all the delicious local eats.  

“If you grow something small in your backyard, you usually put a lot more love into it."
One of Indonesia's most popular chefs is sharing all her country's enak (delicious) food with two Aussies, and together they’re cooking up a storm.
Join celebrated Indonesian chef Rinrin Marinka as she travels Indonesia with chefs Tobie Puttock and Darren Robertson, discovering the intricacies of local...
If you love congee, you'll love this Indonesian rice porridge, filled with corn and pumpkin, and flavoured with lemongrass. We promise you'll never look at...
From syrupy pancakes to pretty "flower" cakes, these Indonesian street favourites are irresistible.