Healthy dinners

Eating healthier doesn't have to mean counting calories. Map out a week of nutritious dinners with our fresh ideas for a balanced, tasty meals.

Chicken schnitzel can now be a regular feature in the mid-week meal plan with this light and healthy version. Baked rather than fried, and with no mention of mayo, the...
Light and fresh, not to mention vegan, this is a salad that’s all about contrasting textures and flavours. Leek, when roasted, is delicate and soft, working...
A great midweek meal for burger-loving vegos, these zesty quinoa numbers are a great reminder that meat doesn’t have to be the centre of every bun. Make a double...
This seafood dish is light, fresh and enticingly easy to prepare. The baked crumb adds a lovely crunch without the downsides of deep frying. Experiment with other...
When is a pizza not a pizza? When it’s gluten-free and the base is made from cauliflower? What if that same pizza is thin, crisp and just as delicious as it’s...
(53) BaconBacon
(92) BakeBake
(308) BreadBread
(228) BrunchBrunch
(40) BunBun
(499) CakeCake
(19) ChipsChips
(231) CurryCurry
(127) DipDip
(174) DrinkDrink
(57) DuckDuck
(15) FishFish
(428) FruitFruit
(51) GameGame
(85) JamJam
(34) JellyJelly
(30) KebabKebab
(141) NoodleNoodle
(42) OffalOffal
(144) PastaPasta
(263) PastryPastry
(19) PestoPesto
(125) PicklePickle
(328) PicnicPicnic
(162) PiePie
(60) PizzaPizza
(8) PorkPork
(18) PunchPunch
(87) RetroRetro
(175) RiceRice
(327) RoastRoast
(512) SaladSalad
(120) SauceSauce
(29) SconeScone
(86) SliceSlice
(692) SnackSnack
(345) SoupSoup
(53) StewStew
(40) TacoTaco
(42) TapasTapas
(38) TartTart