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Articles and features exploring politics, determination and culture of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. 

OPINION: The origins of NAIDOC Week sprang from the Aboriginal activism of the 1930s. The women and children present would later become the keepers of this rich history.
With a Wiradjuri mother and Italian father, Edoardo Crismani has spent the last few years digging deep to piece together the history of his ancestors, and where...
It is Blak women that continue to show up where Mum could not. It was local Aboriginal women who rallied around Mum when she got sick.
At a time when segregation in NSW was hardly blinked at, Isabel Flick stood up and campaigned against racism. Her courage was recognised in 1986 when she was...
No matter how hard Nanna tried to scrape together money once she was grown, she never got to see her mother again. She lost her mother, country, culture, and...
Val Flynn is ready to take on the "bro fest" of Australia's music scene.
Dr Vinka Barunga has lived through the statistics that reflect the struggles of her people, but has never let them define her potential.

NAIDOC Week News

All the latest news on Australia's biggest celebration of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture from around the country. 

On a night celebrating excellence in Indigenous communities, it was revealed that the actor has officially retired and is suffering from lung cancer.
A Waka Waka woman turns down a "Strong Sistas" Keeping Community Safe NAIDOC Week award after discovering the event sponsor was Serco - a company that operates...
In a NAIDOC Week interview, the first Indigenous person appointed Minister for Indigenous Australians says the Coalition is committed to exploring steps towards a...
For NSW's first Indigenous firefighting crew, being strong community role models means more than just fighting fires.
Colleen Tighe Johnson says she harnesses the spirit of her ancestors through her work and is getting ready to launch her first commercial collection.
Nicky Winmar's fight against racism has been immortalised following the unveiling of a statue at Perth's Optus Stadium.
Participants in Melbourne’s NAIDOC Week Pride Night say they want to show the next generation of people like them that a community is ready and waiting to accept...

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Learn, play and engage with the oldest continuing culture on the planet.

The need for Indigenous Australians to have an enhanced role in the country's decision-making is the theme underpinning NAIDOC Week 2019.
No matter where you are in Australia — make sure you know that it's on Aboriginal land ... and *what* Aboriginal land.
In Aboriginal culture, healing after a conflict can only begin with a process of truth-telling. This is what Makarrata is about.
Want to sample delicious native foods and eat your way through NAIDOC Week this year? Here's just a taste of the many community events that will shine a spotlight...
A quick introduction to all things NAIDOC Week.

What's on the Black Box?: NAIDOC Week

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Every night this week, NITV is showcasing rich Indigenous stories to celebrate NAIDOC week.
A mischievous and heart-warming digital comedy that brings life in the territory to the small screen, 'Robbie Hood' will premiere on SBS On Demand on Friday 5 July.
EPISODE GUIDE: Where would you most like to visit?
For one family, choral singing has been a way to connect through their shared love of singing.
Filmmaker Ben Strunin met Yolngu Elder Djalu Gurruwiwi in the most unlikely of places; London, England. Years later, they are ready to premiere their cinematic...

NAIDOC Award Winners 2019

Recognising the achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people for the work in their communities and excellence in their chosen field.

"Never forget me", David Gulpili AM, born at Gurarlil in Arnhem Land, is distant from the mainstream and yet enormously popular and loved. He defines many of the films...
From rugby union to midwifery, and even the military, Dean Duncan has forged pathways for First Peoples in numerous areas.
Elma Gada Kris is a dancer, choreographer, actor, mentor and all-round, passionate champion for her people and culture.
Professor Michael McDaniel may not have excelled at school, but once he passed his university enrollment via. an Indigenous bridging course, he fell in love with...
The Littlewell Working Group are a powerful group of people dedicated to preserving the country where their history, language and heritage is profoundly embedded.
Known as the 'Barkindji Warrior', Shantelle Thompson redefines what it means to "fight like a girl".
Young aspiring lawyer, Ganur Maynard would like to see the legal institution be used as a means of empowerment, rather than a tool of oppression.