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The Hot Bargain shop was selling ornaments showing Indigenous men holding didgeridoos and boomerangs.
Newly added
He has made a name for himself in the hip hop act A.B. Original and as a comedy writer. Now the talented artist has got another gig.
The Perth prisoner pressed an alarm button and requested help but gave birth before medical staff or guards arrived.
The high-profile appointment comes at a time when several national targets aimed at closing the gap are not on track.
Aboriginal songs found in an anthropologist's notebooks shed light on the 'captive white woman' mystery that has been debated for generations.
Western Australian government accepts one-off deal but disappointed the Commonwealth intends to walk away from long-term funding support for remote housing.
The federal government shown support for the Cape York leader as he fights to save his welfare reform initiatives.

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A popular but unauthorised artwork has been destroyed after a government department decided it was disrespectful to Indigenous people in WA.
The 'mother of native title' has been remembered as a passionate advocate for the Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and South Sea Islander communities.
Tanya Day got on a train to Melbourne but was removed for public drunkenness. She was taken into police custody and never came home.
The recommendation was part of his first report as the government's special envoy on Indigenous affairs.
Indigenous screen talent has dominated the Australian film and TV industry awards in Sydney.
Turmoil at the highest levels of Australian politics appears to have stalled progress in Indigenous affairs.
US fighter Justin Willis makes seemingly offensive comments about Aboriginal identity after defeating Mark Hunt.
Fracking will now be allowed in some parts of the state.
Will the duo who perform in Pitjantjatjara and English represent Australia at next year's Eurovision?
The plaque acknowledges a painful past where many Indigenous children were forcibly taken from their families by train.
David Attenborough has told delegates at a UN conference the world faces the end of civilisation if it does not unite to tackle climate change.
Australia’s largest land council declares it will return to business as normal after sacking its CEO.
The current and former Prime Minister dismissed the Voice, but the cross-party committee has endorsed it after eight months of consultations.
The Indian mining giant has announced it will self-finance the controversial mine in the Galilee Basin.
Anthony Mundine grabbed the former WBO welterweight champion and shoved him into trainer Glenn Rushton.
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