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The WA Department of Justice says removing 'Aboriginal' and derogatory terms from birth certificate records is not white-washing, with the NT following a similar...
Following media reports and a press conference this morning, the office of Peter Tinsley may reconsider the scheduled May 30 meeting.
Following years of demands for action on Aboriginal deaths in custody the WA Government will finally start a custody notification service.
On Monday morning the family will officially announce their plans to commence legal proceedings against the Western Australian Government with lawyer Stewart...
The teen alleges one of the men yelled out “I’m going to kill you, you black c**t”, the court heard.
German museum the latest Western institution to return stolen items to First Nations people.
Banksia Hill Detention Centre is again being criticised for taking Aboriginal children off country as legal services call for more cultural approaches to treating...

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Eight months after the Gumbaynggirr and Gomeroi man passed away, a 17-year-old schoolgirl who heard about his tragic end felt compelled to share Tane's story...
Board "games" were also evil, Writes Benjamin Hoy, University of Saskatchewan.
Technologies for amplifying, sequencing and matching DNA have created new opportunities in genomic science. In this series When DNA Talks we look at the ethical...
A historic gathering of Aboriginal elders has taken place at Victoria's parliament, with the group calling for fundamental changes to be implemented in the state...
They served their country, a country that refused them basic human rights, and then they were ignored and their contributions not given the respect deserved, but...
Awkward vote undermines NT Government's position on fracking in the Territory.
Just a few days after being told there was an arrest warrant out for her over unpaid fines, Alira Kelly-Ryder was surprised to find out it had been quietly...
The officer driving the unmarked car at the centre of the disturbing footage is under investigation.
Mr Lewis' family have given NITV News permission to use his name and image.
Tamily Shibaski from Thursday Island has been recognised by NITV for her amazing deadly cake design inspired by childrens series, Little J and Big Cuz.
Warning: some readers may find this footage disturbing.
The Indigenous Advancement Scheme was supposed to be a reset for Commonwealth funding to the Indigenous sector, but four years on, the problems are piling up.
The Federal Government’s controversial work-for-the-dole scheme will see 6000 new jobs in remote communities.
Shock and outrage after decision to rip funding from public broadcaster to help fund a statue celebrating colonial "discovery" of Australia in 2018 budget.
The 19-year-old man passed away last week at a prison in the state’s north- west.
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