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The latest news in the community and abroad.

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Students around the United States plan to stage protests seeking gun control reform.It follows the shooting deaths of 17 people when a gunman went on a rampage at a...
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The touching story of the little Alisha Kapoor. 
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Joyce remains on hot seat

The latest developments from the Australian political scene. 
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Critical week for Novartis case

After three days, government meetings are expected to intensify ahead of the debate in Greek Parliament on Wednesday, for the Novartis case investigation committee.
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The 36th Greek Festival of Sydney was crowned with success, as crowds flocked Darling Harbour for a weekend of music, dance, food and comedy. ...

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The first day of the Great 40 day fasting period for the Greek Orthodox Christians is Clean Monday. Also known as "ta koulouma" (τα Κούλουμα), it has the same meaning...
Greek singer Giannis Charoulis, who is visiting Australia, for a series of appearances spoke with Themis Kalos.
Peter Jasonides, President of the Pan-Macedonian Association of Melbourne and Victoria talks on SBS Greek for the decisions of pan-community organisations of the...

How the visa changes affect you

Several visa changes are expected to be implemented in 2018.
The number of would-be Australians subject to tougher background checks who have been waiting more than two years for citizenship has skyrocketed 450 per cent.