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Learn and engage with the oldest continuing culture on the planet.

Australia is built on Aboriginal land and this continent is made up of many First Nations groups.
In line with this year's NAIDOC theme — we reflect on some significant moments where our people have shifted history by fighting for their communities.
One of the major events on the nation's calendar. Kicking off on the first Sunday in July — here's everything you need to know about NAIDOC week, its themes, and...
From 'Advance Australia Where?' to 'Because of her, we can!' NAIDOC themes have regularly been built on the power of the past.
150 years of resistance led to the first Day of Mourning in 1938. It was a momentous occasion, and it formed the basis for First Nations political movements that...
OPINION: Proof of our ancestors occupation can be found, scattered throughout the land. Many amateur collectors are now handing back ancient treasures, so the...
The culture of Tasmanian Aboriginal people survives, in part, through the resurrection of a language, palawa kani.

National NAIDOC Awards

Recognising the achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people for their work in community and excellence in their chosen field.

It's that time again! Take a look at this year's NAIDOC Award winners, celebrated for their achievements, hard work and dedication.
Aunty Lois Peeler, the 2022 NAIDOC Female Elder of the Year has a passion for education that goes back to her earliest days living with Blak royalty.
Escaping from the daily grind one day, Lowell Hunter took himself to the sea. Just two years on, his art practice has seen him win a NAIDOC Award.
The Ngarigo woman recorded a video message after being told of her win, saying she can't wait to continue her contribution to children's education.
Earlier this week the legendary actor revealed he was asked to prove his Aboriginality to the Victorian government. Tonight, he's been celebrated by his people.

SBS Food — Torres Strait at Home with Nornie Bero

A proud Torres Strait woman from Mer Island, owner of Melbourne's dine-in kitchen and catering company, Nornie Bero grew up immersed in the Indigenous culinary way of life. She shares recipes, insights and her personal stories.  

Hunting and foraging gave chef Nornie Bero the foundation to start Indigenous hospitality business, Mabu Mabu.
Nornie uses the brine from her Mabu Mabu in-house pickled karkalla for this recipe, but you can sub regular pickle or olive brine from what’s sitting around in...
Growing up I would walk on the reef in the mornings before school and get fresh caught octopus for pickling, and we'd eat fresh pickled octopus for breakfast.
I was always missing confirmation classes so I could pick and pickle tamarinds and mangos in the church yards as a child, probably one of my first pickling...
"I call this the blak man's coffee scroll!"

NITV Radio — Noongar Wellbeing podcast

Wellbeing as we know it now has been constructed from a Western perspective, so what does the oldest continuing culture in the world have to say about methods of wellbeing?

We live in a fast-paced world where self-care is glorified and commodified. But there isn’t one journey to wellbeing that works for everyone. Noongar people focus more...
First Nations people have safely used fire for millennia in unity with the country. Fire is often viewed as something to fear, but it's also a life-giving force....
Self-care usually treats the physical symptoms of a bigger underlying issue, such as exhaustion or burn out. But one area of self-care that is often overlooked is...
Communication can be an undervalued and underused tool in maintaining wellbeing. It can be rare to find a safe environment to speak openly with others, free of...
Traditional foods or “bush tucker” have seen a resurgence in popularity in recent years. In this episode of Noongar Wellbeing, Ballardong and Whadjuk Elder and...

What's On? NAIDOC Week

SBS & NITV are showcasing powerful Indigenous stories throughout NAIDOC Week.

Tune in on-air or stream on SBS On Demand.

NITV and SBS are celebrating NAIDOC Week 2022 across the network with coverage across its platforms, exploring this year's theme of, Get Up! Stand Up! Show Up!
Appearing on 'Who Do You Think You Are?' the former NRL star's life-changing discoveries led to a spiritual awakening.
Despite over a decade in the entertainment industry, 'True Colours' is a career first for Yolngu woman Rarriwuy Hick who plays bilingual Arrernte detective Toni...
A powerful collaboration between SBS and NITV, True Colours is a murder mystery that twists and turns between two laws to find a killer very close to home.
A groundbreaking murder mystery, an all-Indigenous breakfast show, and a special investigation into art theft are just some highlights of an epic lineup.
‘True Colours’ airs over four consecutive nights during NAIDOC Week, from Monday 4 to Thursday 7 July. Here’s who’s who in this gripping new Australian drama.
Critics love the complex storytelling and top-notch performances in this new murder mystery from SBS and NITV.

NAIDOC Week News

All the latest news on Australia's biggest celebration of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and culture.

Ms Thorpe referenced the advocacy of William Cooper and urged for a designated Day of Mourning to commemorate the first, held in 1938.
Marissa Williamson, the former Victorian NAIDOC Sportsperson handed her crown to Nikita Rotumah, who runs a boxing program just like the one that fostered a young...
Capturing the essence of 'Get Up! Stand Up! Show Up!' the Gudanji/Wakaja woman's artwork pulls powerful messages into focus.
One of Perth's most prestigious awards expanded to crown Cohen Taylor as the first-ever Mr NAIDOC Perth, alongside his long-time friend and Miss NAIDOC, Nikki...
The pioneering Rugby man and barrister, who passed away in 2019, is still being remembered.
It comes after community consultation revealed widespread support for the recognition of traditional place names.
In celebration of NAIDOC Week 2021, SBS Cycling Central’s David McKenzie joined dual Paralympian Amanda Reid to find out how one impressive bike program has...

First Nations people doing remarkable things

Articles and features celebrating Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, history and culture. 

OPINION: These were very difficult times, feeling as though I was a monolith for Aboriginal people, writes Zoe Walters.
In this special NAIDOC edition of The New Writer's Room exploring 'Literature as Resistance', SBS Voices speaks to Dr Larissa Behrendt and Jazz Money.
Palawa photographer Wayne Quilliam has won a $50,000 prize for his beautiful picture titled 'Silent Strength 2021'.
Lincoln Crowley says "times have changed" after he was sworn in as Australia's first Indigenous Supreme Court judge at a ceremony in Brisbane.
The pre-schooler, who loves to attend Invasion Day marches every year, reads books by Aboriginal authors and curiously asks her mum about topics like colonisation.
A week after calling the local grand final in the island community of Galiwin'ku, two broadcasters will commentate the match between Richmond and Essendon in...
When Leticia Quince was 12 years old she was taken into out-of-home care along with her five siblings. She tells The Feed, how she reconnected with her Indigenous...

Famous Faces

Inspiring and influential mob share their extraordinary stories 

The Logies may be TV’s night of nights, but is it really reflecting who's watching?
At a point of crisis in his life and on the advice of family, the singer-songwriter went back to Country and 'yarned it out'.
The 18-year-old Kamilaroi rap sensation opens up about his fears, family and giving back to mob in an interview with NITV’s The Point.
Isaiah Firebrace has reached heights some can only dream of. But his early life was not without its struggles.
Bachelorette Brooke Blurton says she felt silenced when she received online abuse after the show - and her relationship - ended.