White moose and lawn mower go head-to-head in Sweden


A rare white moose was unimpressed when a robot lawn mower approached.

A rare white moose feasting on apple trees in a Swedish village was not happy when a robot lawn mower approached. 

A Swedish couple pulled over when they noticed the white moose in the residential street. 

Marianne Niklasson said it was a "weird experience" to be so close to the animal. 

"I never thought in my entire life that I would experience such a thing," she told SVT News Varmland. 

Things got even weirder when the lawn mower arrived on the scene. 

"He did not like the lawnmower," Ms Niklasson said. 

After sizing up the lawnmower, the grumpy moose made several strikes, eventually breaking it with the third stomp. 

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